@omz, sorry back to this subject. But if you decide to include TinyDB you might also consider including ujson also. Apparently a ultrafast json encoder/decoder written in pure C. However does not have the extensibility of python json. But if the extensibility is not required apparently is a big speed up for TinyDB. I am sue it could be used else where also. However I do see a problem. That is the package name. If a package called ujson is present it will just use it, it imports ujson as json. This maybe not what you want to do. On a desktop this would be more manageable. So maybe the package name could be ultrajson and if you wanted to use it in TinyDB you could import ultrajson as ujson before starting to work with TinyDB. I think that would work. I am not sure. Another way would be to ask the dev of TinyDB to have a switch to use ujson if its present. At the moment if ujson is seen, its used. Anyway, just more food for thought.