• @dgelessus, big thank you for this write-up. Good to understand the concepts even though I have limited need for C interaction at the moment.

  • @Squidgyd, I made some tests with Pymunk lib and SageMathCell and if user doesn't want to create games (it needs PyGame that in SageMathCell server can't work) but only perform simulations for research or study, Pymunk and SageMathCell can work pretty well togheter.

    If you want, try to download inside your Pythonista this zipped folder, extract it somewhere, open and execute script "_execute_sage.py", wait and, if you are online and your Pythonista is allowed to be online, you should see some output data and a simple t-x,y graph of a very simple simulation where a circle falls down, due to gravity, for 5 seconds from initial position x,y equal to 0,0.

    In this way, by studing and following video tutorials and some documentation about Pymunk, you could create by yourself any kind of simulation scripts with your Pythonista (unfortunately no way to use PyGame as said before), that for the Pymunk calculation asks for some helps to his friend Sage ;-)

    Happy simulations!

  • Thanks. Modified the api.py file so every time i call ffi() i don't have to specify the backend :-)

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