• @mikael I assume so but I haven’t tested it with any other players, nevertheless it would probably be easy to support them.

  • @Samer Sorry for the late reply. been working on this one all night.

    my post

    I still dont have the ideal fix for this.. (meaning without overriding present) but am u got three choices..


    Hard setting scrollView() like before..

    self.scrollView = ui.ScrollView( delegate=self, paging_enabled=True, shows_horizontal_scroll_indicator=False, bounces=False, frame=self.bounds, flex='WH', y=20 # ⥢⬅ here ) TWO:

    Hard set inside SetPage..

    def set_page(self, page_number): if page_number < self.pageControl.numberOfPages() and page_number > -1: x = page_number * self.scrollView.width self.scrollView.content_offset = (x, -20) # ⥢⬅ here else: raise ValueError("Invalid Page Number. page_number is zero indexing.") THREE:

    Your favorit override..
    added an instance variable to it though..

    class PageControl(ui.View): def __init__(self, **kwargs): self.titleBarAdjustment=0 # ⥢⬅ here ... #with this guy.. def present(self, **kwargs): # evaluate input before presenting if kwargs['hide_title_bar']: self.scrollView.y=20 #if hide_title_bar then adjust scrollView super(PageControl, self).present(**kwargs) # Continue..

    the second option needs to know if the bar is present otherwise it just has a revers effect to original image issue.. (jumps up)

    im still looking for a beter solution for this. the objc methods were not working last night and im sure it was writers error. but im the mean time at least two of these will hold by maybe?

    as for your other issues..

    Depending on your phone and tabelets they could be explained.

    i suspect that it has todo with Retina scaling and resolution. i have an iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2 and they both have a 2x1 Retina Display so i dont get this issue but id imagine if u has a 2x1 phone and 3x1 ipad it would creat this. all you really need to do if thats the case is check device at runtime and setup Layout accordingly. ui/scene, atleast for 2x1, should auto compensate for this but pil doesnt. just for future info lol.. but by using ui.from_data(data, scale) is where u set scaling for retina convertion. this could help if your dispay happends to be a factor. if i find anything ill let you know!

  • @Webmaster4o I am not following you... once it is an image, you could erase in PIL, or by drawing the background color over top.

    It comes down to whether you are trying to simulate a "paint" program, (thnk photoshop "paintbrush tool") or a vector program, like illustrator (or photoshop path tool). if the goal is to have a vector program, you don't "draw" them, you would add control points. If the goal is a paint tool, you might want to store the last few operation to facilitate undo, but at some point you end up with pixels on the screen, not paths with 1000s of points.

  • @ccc yeah, this was just quickly thrown together... but I am still working on a better way for it.

    I actually am turning this into a module that parses, packages it automatically, and escapes the quotes in the file you want to share.

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