• @JonB , oops when I said pissed, I meant drunk, not angry 😇😱
    Lol, I guess learning Python should be pretty easy compared to English.

  • I forgot to mention the obvious, is what I normally associate help() with. That is help(class.method).

    @omz, I mention this but understand very low on the priority list, but 2 things I think would be nice in the editor.

    A toggle switch in the popup sheet of the file class/methods/functions to show hide the prototype. It is nice and clean just to see the method/func name, but sometimes would save time if could see the prototype also.

    Not as important. But when a user class selected and your quick help button is selected that you could provide the same information as help() does in the popup.

    Again, I understand these are not burning issues. But ultimately anything that can help coding on small screens a bonus.

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