xthis works, might be ways to simplify

from objc_util import * s=ObjCClass("AVAudioSession").sharedInstance() s.setActive_error_(False,None) s.setCategory_withOptions_error_(ns('AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback'),0x2,None) # s.setActive_error_(True,None) import sound sp=sound.Player('game:Bleep') sp.play() s.setActive_error_(False,None) s.setCategory_withOptions_error_(ns('AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback'),0x1,None)

option 2 means to "duck others". there is another option to interrupt others, but i cant seem to get that working.
If we dont set active false at the end, the music stays softer.
Im not entirely sure if the setActive is needed up front.