• There is one interpreter for python 2.7 and one for 3.6. but just one process.

    Depending on what you are doing there are ways to keep draw quick:
    Drawing an image may be faster than stroking hundreds of paths. You can render static things to an ImageContext, then later draw that inside draw. For instance omz's sketch example does that every touch_ended.

    For framebuffer type access, see the recent thread which dealt with both some real time audio generation and IOSurfaceWrapper enabling some low level image pixel manipulation and display

  • For what it's worth, one of my many abandoned projects, a "pen tool"

  • @dgelessus , super cool. The problem was the set_needs_display().works as expected now, have to say, it's pretty nice. I know what you mean about the zero base. Things started going wrong so I started adjusting things. But just happy it's working. Will go and look at your other ideas. I also have another mistake with scaling the rects for the ovals also. It's just top,left based. But now the basics are working I can get excited again 😱👍

    Edit : I also meant to say thank you.

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