• Side note, Pythonista has some hooks in Shortcuts as well for kicking off scripts. So even if that's not the best route for this particular project, it's a REALLY powerful tool to keep in your back pocket.
    I have a shortcut called "Burn" that starts a Pythonista script that shows a fire gif and plays a rap air horn... so... lol

  • you have to re-assign the email attribute of the Person object. Modifying the list in-place has no effect, because the Person object cannot detect changes in that list (it's just a snapshot copy).

    Try something like this:

    import contacts people = contacts.get_all_people() print people[0].full_name emails = people[0].email emails.append((u'$!<Other>!$', u'test@test.com')) people[0].email = emails # !!! contacts.save()
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