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    This project is Still Active 😁 i did take a quick break to write Space Escape to help people new to Creating game with scene and Pythonista. its not a tutorial but more a Playable mini-game. but the code is written as a group of examples of ways to implement diferent aspects of a game. all the image are built-in so only thing needed is the script. i recently added a version that works on iphone but still has a few sizing isues but code is the same. if your new to Video Game Programing there is a Tutorial in the Examples Folder and i suggest doing that first because there is some basics that you might need to understand in order to fully follow my example. you can find that post here. if you are experienced in this area and would like to participate in my RPG Template project you can let me know on this thread or e-mail me at stephenmfrey@icloud.com. And if you just would like to sit back and watch from an update by update manner thats ok too 🙃

    if you ever have any questions please dont hesitate to ask

  • @mikael
    Awesome thanks! ill look into this combonation. i would of never thought of using scripter 😅

    if i manage to get a stable system going ill post. save nextguy this heartache

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