• Thanks for replying. I've tested a couple of things but haven't had luck yet passing a file without first exporting the note, but it's not a deal-breaker so I haven't dug in too far yet.

    I've built a todo extension that will read my .py or .txt (or whatever) files from the share sheet and create reminders and tasks through ClickUp, so I can keep track of my project work a little more easily. I've never thrown my code up for review before, so if anyone is interested in taking a look, feedback is appreciated!

    Link to GitHub

  • @augusto Yes, fortran codes run only by sage point of view, but you can use Pythonista to write fortran codes, test and use them when online, without using other ios apps that most likely are only able to send fortran code. Bye

  • @lsloan A recursive search would indeed be good and not hard to implement.

  • @cook
    Thanks for looking at my code. I'm glad to know I hadn't overlooked something silly.

    As it is, I am trying to make an extension to re-display or mobilize certain kinds of websites. Imagine if I went to a website full of thumbnails, and the script grabbed all of the linked full-size images. There's other websites and whatnot, but I was mostly playing around with extensions for now.

    Thanks again for the help.

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