• @JonB It inserts keystrokes into multiple locations at once. In VSCode itโ€™s via the shortcut command+D, each time finds the next instance of your highlighted string and inserts a new cursor. You can then make edits which are repeated in several places.

  • ps StaSh uses python to do git so look at the source for StaSh

    #DULWICH try: import dulwich ...
  • @djeetee , the iCloud implementation in the beta is pretty awesome. Not sure the release date for the new version to the App Store, but I think you will be very happy with it

  • Try using Long Path Tool program, it really works for me! I recommend it to you.

  • It seems that the undo button is back on the iPad, and the "pressing enter after an empty space" issue is gone on both the iPad and the iPhone. A couple issues still remain, but this is great. Thanks.

  • Feature Name
    Group/Ungroup function. The ability to group items in the same view together

    Purpose - just makes it easier to keep a set of objects aligned and easier placement.

    Place your items in a Custom View item. Gives you the grouping, but you have one more level of indirection to go through to access your objects via code.

  • @omz , I would not have thought editor internal changes would have been the biggest issue. But you are the coder.

    However, I can imagine a nightmare supporting people's bad extensions or whatever they should be called.
    I am still not even close to understanding Python. But if via asserts or other mechanisms in the language you could be sure of the return types etc.. To make it rock solid... Just saying...
    Maybe the mechanism is more like the callback on layout etc...where you have more control. Just thinking out aloud really.

    I appreciate what you say about the possibilities with objc_util, but I am more of the school that don't roll your own if you don't have to. it's not about laziness or being scared. Just about conformity.

    Really, I like standards , interfaces etc... To write to when possible. Not to say innovation should be frowned upon, but for example you created the dialogs lib for a reason (sorry, have a new topic coming about dialogs), but it promotes a uniformity. A.K.A the first Macintosh toolbox.

    But at the end of the day, you know what is best for you and what is manageable, I respect that. I still have to say my little bit though ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • @omz I would very much like that keyboard app, if you ever get back around to it.

  • IIRC, animate is not parsing your python code, it is basically looking at what changed in your object, then interpolating those attribs over time. so trying to use comments wont work like that.

    note that the way you "broke up" the animation is not doing what you think. Animations happen asynchronously, so your second animation is happening at the same time as the first ( if you animate different properties) ir overwriting it (if you are animating the same attribute). Try changing the frame, then changing it back in badk to back calls, and you will see what i mean.

    You should use completion to chain together animations. If you want to do something instantly at the start, that is no different than just setting that param before you start the animation. Note that doing so will effectively cancel animation of that attribute if you are already animating that attribute.

    If you want to change an attribute in the middle of an animation, kick off two animations at the same time, making us of the delay argument..l in this way you could have alpha switch at the halfway point, or even have alpha animating at a different rate. ,

    If you dont like a few lines on animate calls, you should write your own wrapper that takes in a few a functions and chains together an animation.

    for instance, one could envision creating pseudo acceleration by chaining two or three animations, that have different velocities.

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