• @omz, but normally the tags previously used tend to pop up as you are typing. So its not like you should create new tags all the time.

  • @Webmaster4o , I do agree with you. I think it's evident I work quite erratically. I still haven't got what I would call a working synergy with git hub as yet. A big part of that is because I have commercial responsibilities that force me to be that correct. I will have to try harder....
    One thing that sort of suffers from only linking to either gists or repos is searching in the forum. I used to complain a lot about forum searching. But I am using a tool now I got from @cook that is a wrapper around doing a google site search, equivalent of what you have posted before.
    I realise this is not a deal breaker, as you are more likely to search for a post's content/tags etc than you are it's code.

    Anyway, time for me to try harder. My git hub account is a paid account so it's not like I have any restrictions

  • Oh, one thing to mention about this tip. If you create a bookmark on your home screen, it's not so easy to navigate, also if replying to a post and leave and come back I got thrown out if the edit. however, when I clicked on reply on the same post, my edit was still there. A little funky.

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