• @nerdtron Thanks, I know the console displays the whole text.

    I was just wondering if there is an easy way to place print commands with coordinates into a scene wirhout having to use labelnodes.

    The old 8 Bit Basic dialects had this, and for Python being a mental descendant of this programming Culture I wish there was the same easy approach.

  • is this inside a button action perhaps?

    You cannot put a blocking function inside a button action, or other methods that are called on the ui thread. The calls to the form need to be called as @ui.in_background if that is the case.

    There may be an issue which I have noticed recently when dealing with for examples the photos picker, that presenting a view while another is closing might lead to issues. yOu might try adding a time.sleep() after wait_modal, since this implies you have another view which is getting closed right before this chunk executes.

    It might be helpful to see the entire method, or a complete standalone example that shows the issue.

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