• @ccc, the hotel app idea is dead. My friend that I wrote the Excel/VBA version for is not in the hotel business anymore. We are Actualling sharing a nice big house together now in Pattaya. A Danish guy, we have been friends for many years. It's a little bit like the old show the odd couple, us to living together, but we still have fun :)

    So no real push for me to do booking thing any more. But I still would like to make a pretty good calendar picker( I honestly hate the Apple DateTime Picker). I have made some before, but I should be able to make something better now. At least I hope so. The other thing I will get back to is my voting app. I always go wrong, as I try to make frameworks instead of just getting on and coding something with brute force just to get it done. Pretty or not. It's funny I should have those problems at this age. I didn't have it when I was younger. I was very aware and sensitive to commercial realities, get it done and out the door! I guess without that need, it changes you.

    Hmmm, just after announcing I should be better. I need to ask something embarrassing. I looked at this last night, for some reason I could not get my head around it.

    Below in the generator you modified, I have added x in the return tuple. I can't figure out how to get x to just be a linear counter ie. 0 to (rows * cols)-1.
    I have looked at it too long so I have decided to ask....My feeling it should be something simple that can be done in place and should not be apart of the comp loops....
    just adding x doesn't make much sense as it appears below, but makes more sense if you are creating objects in the generator rather than a tuple.
    Any help appreciated.

    return ((w * j, h * i, w, h, x) for i in range(rows) for j in range(cols))
  • @niz whoops, i meant to type

    ui.View.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
Internal error.

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