• @JonB , thanks. Yeah, it appears great for a reasonably robust way to identify let's say an entity. Interesting reading the article. I ran the function of the py3 beta and the py2 beta, and I got the same result as the article says you will as it's from the same vendoer. I have saved the result to see if it changes next time I do a beta update. It says it may or may not. I have 3 installs of omz software (editorial, py3 beta and py2 beta) It doesn't really matter, just interested. This way seems pretty good for pythonista scripts.

  • @TutorialDoctor, you ask what it could be used for. I think is just nice ui control, same as a slider. I think a nice step fwd would be to be able to provide a ui.view. Then not just images anymore. Also the cover controller doesn't care, just providing a series of frames with all the correct math and animations and touch events.

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