• Thank you, @ccc and @cvp for the helpful replies. I reviewed the reference @cvp suggested and it clear that NavigationView isn't the best tool for what I want to do: a program that displays the chords and lyrics from ChordPro files with the correct formatting and autoscrolling, including a scrollable list of the .chordpro files and a scrollable list of songs they contain.

    I was able to repurpose a single TableView to handle all of this, which saved me from the complexity of working with NavigationView. I plan to try out the script in a guitar jam next month.

  • @seriph thé search function of the forum is not very good, I personally use Google search but I search "Pythonista forum xxxx"

  • @JonB thanks for the suggestions.

  • @cvp yeah...same here, no success with any of the things that seem like they should let me modify the back or left button items to something I am in control of.

    The good news is that @mikael 's pointer to the hidden notification works perfectly, so I'm good to go.

  • @dgelessus @ccc The code that I tried for the ButtonItems were pretty much the same as you suggested. After a lot of trying I think it's due to the NavigationView generated by the UI editor. If I create the view programmatically it works. I changed the code in my app to use a pyui file for the general frame. In the frame there is a placeholder where I insert the manually created NavigationView. As subview I insert another view loaded from another pyui file. It's definitely not straight forward anymore but at least I made some progress after being stuck for two days with the NavigationView that didn't work. By the way: this also fixes the trouble with the wrongly centered buttons.

    @omz Could this be a general problem that the NavigationView generated by the UI editor has some flaw in it making it "misbehave"?

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