• @jmv38 this is awesome!!

    Glad it was helpful, but you've taken it to another level completely 😀
    That's some really great additions. Really amazing. I look forward to see what you do next 😀

    Thanks 😀

  • There’s a really nice repo, which implements many different machine learning algorithms from scratch. I’ve been working on a Pythonista-friendly branch, removing dependencies that aren’t available in Pythonista. There are many examples too, including a variety of neural network implementations.

    I think the only supervised learning algorithm I’ve not managed to port (yet!) is SVM. Everything else work very nicely.

    Check it out here: ML-From-Scratch

    To install, clone the repo in Stash, checkout the pythonista branch and copy the mlfromscratch folder to site-packages. Restart Pythonista and have fun!

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