• @Flavin, excellent. It has been noted here before that numpy is such a large and complex library that it may fail to load properly.

  • @iacoposk8 This would be a good use of pdb, since you could look at what you are appending each cycle in the loop. Or, just print out something in each loop such as part.shape. I wonder if this isn't just a display issue (things getting overwritten or omitted?)... have you actually checked the type/sizes of the elements in x?

  • Pythonista 1.6 is only supported on iOS 8 or later. Numpy was added with pythonista 1.5. Pythonista 1.5 is only available to devices running iOS 7 or later. If your device only supports iOS 6, you're out of luck. Check Settings>General>Software Update to see if your device can run iOS 7 or later.

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