@ccc and @omz And others. Unfortunately, I didn't get to give the talk on Pythonista as planned. It's about 2 1/2 trip into Bangkok centre from where I am in Pattaya. The first 45mins-1hr into the car trip, it was raining and raining. Monsoon style rain. In the end the motor way was just not visible, could only see black as far as the eye could see. It just got too dangerous. If the rain had been like that in bkk as well, bkk would have been flooded and bkk comes to an absolute standstill. So I contacted the organiser just to let him know I couldn't make it. He understood. When it rains that heavy here, it's not just an inconvenience it's dangerous and you easily get stranded. Just point it out, as it might seem weird that some rain can have a dramatic affect. But it really can. I haven't been on the forum, just because I have been sick. Back up and running first day today :)
Unfortunately I will not make ThaiPy's December meeting also. Will have guests from Europe here. From now to mid Jan, will be inundated with friends from around the world. That's what you get for living in a tourist city :)
Anyway, wanted to give you an update. I really was looking fwd to giving the talk. I felt prepared and excited. But the next chance I get, I will do it.
Happy coding everyone