• @mikael sweet! Didn't realize the magnificent Gestures module already had exactly what I needed.

  • UIApplication.sharedApplication().keyWindow().rootViewController().showAccessoryWithAnimationDuration_(1)

    Is the equivalent of show_console. It certainly works with editor or panel, but very well might not work with fullscreen or sheet.

    What could work would be to find the view that contains the fullscreen view (by walking up the heirarchy in objc), and just shift the frame so it is partially off the screen, enough to get to underlying console. You may need to go up a few levels, as there may be some "shield" views. Basically, find the common ancestor to the console view and the presented fullscreen view, then resize the child leg that contains the presented view.

    I could be totally wrong.. it might be some kind of modal view controller that will prevent any other interaction.

    I usually use panel for this sort of thing -- you get the extra titlebar stuff, but you can easily go back and forth to console.

  • Yeah, that's exactly the error I was getting. Got it when trying to reuse a popover view as well.
    The result I have by creating my own title bar is actually better for my purposes, so I'll stick with it.

    Interesting to know about removing the view controller to disconnect the closed view from the animation state of the presenting controller.

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