• @jgoalby I love you, you found indirectly the error ^^ sometimes the difference in Y axis divided by difference in X axis between two objects was exactly 1, and I didn’t take this case in account in my vision_cut() function, so now i’ve made a little change and it’s now fixed ! Thank you so much for your help, and have a nice day / night !
    @JonB thank you for helping me, but the bug is already fixed, I hope it doesn’t annoy you ^^ good night !

  • I think that a custom solution that sits on top of pip might make sense. Not in the immediate future, but long-term. In a lot of cases, iOS needs to be special-cased, and it's quite common that a few files have to be patched to get some packages working in Pythonista. I'm thinking of something like a curated directory that's based on whitelisting pypi packages and in some cases hosting patches.

    To be clear though, those are just some ideas, not something I'm actively working on at the moment.

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