Lol, ok I can see this topic generated as much interest as watching grass grow :).
But at least to give something visual, i did the below. Just using a static form here with no chance to give feedeback because the form is just sitting as a json file in a github repo. Baby steps :)
I still like the idea/concept though. Maybe I am alone on this one! Again, this not what I described above. I just thought If i could do a static example, may give it more context. BTW, the recipe in the example is real and fantastic. It was from YouTube, I should have put the link in, but again this is just an example. No interaction is possible with this simple example. But I think you could see how there could be.

import ui import requests import json _form_raw_url = '''''' resp = requests.get(_form_raw_url, timeout=5) if resp.status_code != 200: resp.raise_for_status() def close_action(sender): sender.superview.close() v = ui.load_view_str(json.dumps(resp.json())) if v["_dismiss"]: v["_dismiss"].action = close_action v.present('sheet')