• @mikael thank you for the reply - genuinely appreciate it.

    Yeah I feared they were Pythonista specific (which is fine - just means I need to pivot). I'll look into the other thread and if I can - contribute where I can there.
    It would be great to establish Pythonista as a (for beginners / protoypists) full-fledged Pi IDE (I feel like UI is the missing piece there).

    I did want to avoid using WebView but if I have to - I'm no stranger to front-end development so I can always give into that road.

    I'll check my options a bit further - thank you for the advice and have a great day!

  • @jacobengland16, I use a simple script that uses SSH to send the whole working directory to Raspberry Pi. It then runs the code remotely on the Pi and displays the (textual) results.

    Very handy for when you develop on the iPhone, and want a very tight feedback loop for deployment and testing.

    Let me know if this is relevant and I will share the script.

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