• @JonB I'm using that module extensively already (thank you @mikael). Unfortunately, there's two issues using it in this case:

    I need to see the initial press/touch all the way through to the lift/touch end. A tap gesture is only recognized when the tap is complete, so you only get the tap callback after the finger is lifted.

    Even if I were to make a custom gesture recognizer, or attempt to use tap gestures, you still have to go through all the trouble of setting up the "requires failure of" gesture relationship with the scroll view, and other complications to get it to work for my purposes.

    The whole thing is somewhat complicated, but in the end it just boils down to not having a touch_cancelled() method on regular ui.Views. UIControls actually have a way to connect to the various touch phases, but regular UIViews do not.

    I will say that using the delegate as above works pretty flawlessly.

  • Thanks all, as usual!

    The wait for the table view to become valid can be very short, as short as 0.01 seconds, apparently. Unfortunately there's no simple way to be notified when a UIView becomes visible (anyone have a generic notification-y way of doing that?), and even then I don't know that just being visible for a table view is the same as it having valid rows/indices.

    Also, to scroll to a specific row turns out to be very easy, once you have a table view with valid indexes displayed:

    UITableViewScrollPositionMiddle = 2 tvobjc = self.tableview.objc_instance NSIndexPath = objc_util.ObjCClass("NSIndexPath") nsindex = NSIndexPath.indexPathForRow_inSection_(index,0) tvobjc.scrollToRowAtIndexPath_atScrollPosition_animated_(nsindex, UITableViewScrollPositionMiddle, True)

    Works great, set that last parameter to False to scroll without animation.

  • ...couldn't resist.

  • Fair enough. But I think it's something to watch out while you are playing in your box of goodies. Is a great effect. Could be used in so many ways. I could make a poker machine in about 10mins with that sort of effect. I could also make ui.Views appear and disappear in a variety of ways with that functionality. But, I am sure you are right, doing it with ui.delay would not cut it.

  • Oh another benefit , I guess I get off the main thread.

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