• @Vent please test this script and select a ja-JP: Siri voice

  • Boring!

    Hello Hello Hello Hello John B. Nielsen Hello John B. Nielsen Hello John B. Nielsen Hello John B. Nielsen
  • There is not an easy way to capture headphone button events that I can think of, though maybe with Objc. However ole had to remove the entitlement to sct like a music player, not sure if that affects headphone buttons too.. You could just use a ui.Button, thst calls speech.stop(). If you need to be able to pause and keep playing, you might need to say one sentance at a time, since there is not a way to tell where you stopped... though you will also have to have a tight loop looking for is_speaking, since there is no way to register a completion handler for each say.

  • @dgelessus Your suspicion was right: the speeds seem to be completely different to begin with. I found a slider in the voice over section of the accessibilty setting. To get a normal speed on my iPhone I have to set the slider to about 0.1. Maybe this is a difference between 8.4.1 (iPhone) and 9.2.1 (iPad)? The value of 0.5 seems a lot more natural for a medium speed than 0.1 so it may have been changed during a release update...

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