@farabiahmed one important question is whether you have the ability to compile with XCode (do you have a Mac). If so, then it may be possible to compile your own app, in which case you would be able to compile for iOS and include in your own app. The fundamental limitation on iOS (which does not exist on android) is that executable code must be signed by a single developer. This means that no python app on iOS can include external non-pure-py library support unless it is compiled in. Pyto has more active development, and might accept a pull request incorporating such functionality -- or, you could compile on your own and side load if you provision your device as a developer device, I think. Also the Pythonista app template would be an option, but mainly for standalone app (not an editor).

Another option would be to run code in a server (desktop PC) or something like sagecell -- in that case python acts more like a dumb client.