@SmartGoat said:

Hey everyone,
I currently have a game on TestFlight with the help of Pythonista 3 template but I’m facing several issues about a build update. When someone who had already downloaded a build, updates it to the latest one, the files aren’t changed and then there is no effective update. The client is then forced to uninstall and reinstall completely the app to finally get the wanted update. After some researchs and tests I figured that the problem comes from the fact that the “Script” folder (from template) of a client doesn’t update itself, even if the new version has different content. Does anyone have faced this problem sarkari result pnr status before ? How did you handle it ?
Thank in advance,

I had a similar issue and this resolved it for me:

In iTunes Connect go to the prerelease page for your app, then toggle the TestFlight Beta Testing switch off and then back on again.