Hi @ETPH. Couple of generic advices:

Do not use magic constants in your code (like position_options) in multiple places, it's a nightmare when you want to change them. Move them outside of create_tile, touch_began and reuse them there. Like MARGIN_OF_ERROR. Keep your functions / methods short. It's good when they can fit one screen (well, depends how the screen is big :), but you know what I mean. Not a hard rule, but it's about readability and crunching all these bugs quickly. It's easier when it's short. touch_moved is very long and overly complicated. You shouldn't hardcode positions based on your device in case you want to run it on iPhone SE for example. Split your task into several smaller ones. Replace one huge function with many small ones doing just one thing. Again, readability & easier way how to spot a bug.

I didn't dive into your touch_moved method, sorry. But I did quickly hack an example of generic board & moving tiles. You can find it here.