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we might need to look into out objc_util module this might be the third ocurance that ive see that Apple changed API and renders our use incapable. i tried all i could and i get the same error stating the method doesnt exist.. but i did see that there might be a work around to use old ios12 styling only mjor featur that i saw that you lose is darkmode. you will only get the light mode ]. below is what i sawvabout this. its from @7upser 's link i believe its refering to swift code im not sure... but its the best i could find

To get back iOS 12 appearance

I wasn't able to tint the color of the selected segment, hopefully it will be fixed in an upcoming beta.
Setting the background image of the selected state doesn't work without setting the background image of the normal state (which removes all the iOS 13 styling)
But I was able to get it back to the iOS 12 appearance (or near enough, I wasn't able to return the corner radius to its smaller size).
It's not ideal, but a bright white segmented control looks a bit out of place in our app.
(Didn't realise UIImage(color:) was an extension method in our codebase. But the code to implement it is around the web)

extension UISegmentedControl { /// Tint color doesn't have any effect on iOS 13. func ensureiOS12Style() { if #available(iOS 13, *) { let tintColorImage = UIImage(color: tintColor) // Must set the background image for normal to something (even clear) else the rest won't work setBackgroundImage(UIImage(color: backgroundColor ?? .clear), for: .normal, barMetrics: .default) setBackgroundImage(tintColorImage, for: .selected, barMetrics: .default) setBackgroundImage(UIImage(color: tintColor.withAlphaComponent(0.2)), for: .highlighted, barMetrics: .default) setBackgroundImage(tintColorImage, for: [.highlighted, .selected], barMetrics: .default) setTitleTextAttributes([.foregroundColor: tintColor, NSAttributedString.Key.font: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 13, weight: .regular)], for: .normal) setDividerImage(tintColorImage, forLeftSegmentState: .normal, rightSegmentState: .normal, barMetrics: .default) layer.borderWidth = 1 layer.borderColor = tintColor.cgColor } } }