• @ccc or anyone else, any remarks or suggesting to tighten up the make_view_rects function. I really like it. And I think that it only returns Rects rancher than creating views it's self is more appealing.

    There are 2 issues I can see. One is the view param. This is a leftover, a ui.Rect should be passed in stead of the view. The other is that the margins give the right distance between the items. But if vert=True, the top and bottom margin is / 2. same goes when you go horizontally. I am not sure the result is entirely incorrect. I think more often than not you would want that result.
    Anyway, happy to listen to any feed back if anyone has some.

  • @JosephBywater you can also replace www with dl and remove the parameters altogether

  • @Webmaster4o , lol does not surprise me. But let's face it a lot of little treasures in Pythonista.
    I wish they could all be documented, but I understand why they are not. It would take a big chunk out of the development time. I can't remember how long I have had Pythonista now, but I am astounded how much it has evolved in that short time.

  • @TutorialDoctor , I also had problems before. But I also was impatient. As well it has become very stable now

  • As @ccc points out, Point, Rect and Vector2 are identical. The same applies to Size, but the other common names, Button and Touch, are different.

    import inspect, scene, ui common = set(dict(inspect.getmembers(scene, inspect.isclass))) common &= set(dict(inspect.getmembers(ui, inspect.isclass))) common = sorted(list(common)) for cls in common: print 'class', cls, 'in scene and ui are', 'identical' if getattr(scene, cls) is getattr(ui, cls) else 'different'

    results in

    class Button in scene and ui are different class Point in scene and ui are identical class Rect in scene and ui are identical class Size in scene and ui are identical class Touch in scene and ui are different class Vector2 in scene and ui are identical
  • Oh, one thing to mention about this tip. If you create a bookmark on your home screen, it's not so easy to navigate, also if replying to a post and leave and come back I got thrown out if the edit. however, when I clicked on reply on the same post, my edit was still there. A little funky.

  • @omz, thanks. Nice to know. Is a nice feature. I know a small thing, but makes life easier

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