• @z9612

    im not familier with turtle but i assume with the code you provided this is expected.. after addingba coupe lines and removing the assuming unneeded call to update and getting the current screen instead of making a new one i got it o draw.

    import turtle wn = turtle.getscreen() wn.title("pong by zach") wn.bgcolor("black") wn.setup(width=800,height=600) wn.tracer(0) t=turtle.Turtle() t.color('#23ff00') live=1 while live: t.forward(10) if t.position()[0] > 150: live=0
  • @mikael lol well ive never checked the memory lol so in theory this is what i expect lol

  • @ihf, I just updated the example to have a copy to clipboard and clear methods and menu items. Not sure they are useful, but good to see how to add menu Items anyway, if you haven't played with them yet.
    My example is not as compact looking as it could be, but I try and following the PEP8 style now. Eg, only one import per line, 2 lines after the imports etc.

    import ui import clipboard import console class MyConsole(ui.View): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.tv = None self.make_view() def make_view(self): tv = ui.TextView(frame=self.bounds, flex='wh', font=('Menlo', 24), editable=False, ) self.tv = tv self.add_subview(self.tv) ''' Create 2 ui.ButtonItem to insert into the menubar. ButtonItem's are one of those pesky ui Items that are not subclassed from ui.View Its not a big deal, just good to know they differ from ui.Button. You can see in the docs. Below, I am adding the 2 menu buttons to the right side as it seems to make sense. There is a method left_button_items also. ''' mbtn_clear = ui.ButtonItem(title='Clear', action=self.clear_console, tint_color='red') mbtn_copy = ui.ButtonItem(title='Copy', action=self.copy_console) self.right_button_items = (mbtn_clear, mbtn_copy) def write_line(self, txt): self.tv.text += "{}\n".format(txt) def clear_console(self, sender=None): ''' sender is set to None so sender is not required to call this method. The action from the menu ButtonItem needs to see it there though. But it means you can call this method on the object withouut having to pass a sender. i.e if youwanted to clear the console from your code rather than the menu button action. ie. obj.clear_console() will work. Same goes for the copy_console method below. ''' self.tv.text = "" def copy_console(self, sender=None): clipboard.set(self.tv.text) console.hud_alert('{} characters copied.'.format(len(self.tv.text))) if __name__ == '__main__': f = (0, 0, ui.get_screen_size()[0], ui.get_screen_size()[1]) v = MyConsole(frame=f, name='My Full Sceen Console') v.present(style='', animated=False) for i in range(100): v.write_line('line-{}'.format(i))
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