@JonB , I know I am frustrating at times 😱😬 believe me, I frustrate myself more....

I really try not touch objc unless I copy some simple code for brightness etc... Seems pointless to me, if I struggle with Python, I can just imagine the mess I would get myself in with objc. It also suits me as its a hobby. I would have a completely different view if I was still working.

Anyway, I think I will look at a list of shapes for the moment. I might be fine. I think I will have to rethink my approach though. It's getting to big, I think. It's becoming the anti helper.

As I say, it's ok. I will just keep plodding away. I am sure one day, it all will become clearer than mud 😬🎉

My approach maybe is stupid. I was just building it up to try to see where the challenges where going to lay as I tried to do more complex things.
If you are interested at all, here is my gist