• Hopefully solved the crashes.

    Please reinstall the package and the demo script from the repo, if interested in a (more?) stable version.

    There were two problems: needed a new call to properly clean up before exit and the playSound action eventually crashes if called asynchronously. The first issue I understand, the second much less.

  • Or, to look at it in another way, you are resizing the contained Stepper, but not the containing View.

  • @mikael , it was just really to abstract the sections and the field creation for the params to the sections param to form_dialog. The extra part I didn't get to yet, was persistence. I think in reality most forms require persistence. Sure not all, but a lot. But it turns out this has been on @omz's radar anyway. I knew this before i started. So what i have tried to do will be defunct. I thought would be fun to try.

    I also think about another buzz concept, cards. At least, i see quite a few articles about a card concept in web pages. For me the idea of cards is not new. I am very old. HyperCard/SuperCard had this concept more than 20 years ago. A project was a stack of cards.
    I can see how cards in Pythonista could be very powerful. Cards is just an idea/concept. It's just a view of information and maybe its interactive or static. Then you have a stack of cards that are somehow related. This could be menu items for a restaurant or a bookings for a hotel for a day for example.
    Sorry, i know this seems to go of track. But in my mind it doesn't. @omz created a module for dialogs, to aid in the capturing/displaying of infomation.
    If I was a super Python programmer and super software framework architect, I would create a stack/card framework for Pythonista. But alas I am neither :(

    But a dialog in my mind is just a card displayed synchronously. Ok, sorry, I went past your few sentences. Maybe I didn't articulate my meaning so well. But i see it very cleaarly in my head at least. I have Had quite a few whiskeys already today, It does not make me crazy, but it brings out my passionate side :)

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