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    I think I found the issue: I was trying to call eval_js while the AJAX request was running (synchronous request, async: false). Python was waiting for the AJAX request to timeout before running js_eval.

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    I have some code that runs something like this:

    call = '({})({})'.format(code, args)
    result = js.eval_js(call)
    return result

    That return value then is sent as a response to an AJAX call from JavaScript to a Bottle server (which made the previous code run).
    If I don't run eval_js and set result to anything - for example: result = 'hello' - the response is sent correctly, but if I use eval_js, firstly it freezes Pythonista for a few seconds, then it prints the correct result (from the eval_jscall), but the response is empty.

    I guess the UI is breaking the connection, somehow, corrupting the response.

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