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    I think I have found the reason for the bug: the color picker of the ui-Designer. When sliding over the colors, the hex value sometimes jumps from 6 digits to eight digits. Since 8-digit values ​​are wrong for ipad pro edition 2015, they will be ignored.

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    I have created the files in the following order:

    1. New ... Script with ui
    2. added SegmentedControl in UI-Designer
    3. changed Tint Color in UI-Designer

    As I mentioned, the effect is only on the iPad Plus, not the iPad 3!
    With the iPad Plus, I'm generally not able to change Tint Color on objects like Buttons, SegmentedControls and so on!
    I reinstalled Pythonista, but did not succeed.

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    Here are the screenshots:


    running script

    . . . . and the script / pyui-file



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    iPad Pro 12.9 / IOS 11.2.2 / Pythonista 3.2

    When using UI Designer, Tint Color can't be set (Button, Switch, Slider, SegmentedControl ...)
    In the designer you see the changed color, but when running the script, the default color is shown.

    This bug does not appear with iPad 3 / IOS 9.3.5 / Pythonista 3.2

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