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    Thank you very much for your help, now everything works as it should!

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    My pyui file consists of the ImageView, Label, and Button elements and looks like the picture shows https://yadi.sk/i/dInihQdX7j_Ajg. I need to import all the elements from a file and put them in the ui. ScrollView() of my project instead of the button with the text "hello world". Can you tell me how to do this?

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    Hello, please tell me how to import a purchase card from a pyui file and place it instead of a button with the text " hello world"?

    Program code:

    import ui
    from objc_util import *
    class MyTextViewDelegate (object):
        def textview_did_change(textview):
            tvo = ObjCInstance(textview)
            cgs = tvo.sizeThatFits_(CGSize(textview.width,2000))
            textview.height = cgs.height
            sv = textview.superview
            sv.content_size = (sv.width,sv['iv'].height+textview.height+204)
    sv = ui.ScrollView()
    sv.frame = (0,0,400,600)
    sv.background_color = 'white'
    iv = ui.ImageView(name='iv')
    iv.frame = (0,0,sv.width,200)
    iv.image = ui.Image.named('test:Peppers')
    button = ui.Button()
    button.title = "hello world"
    button.frame = (2,iv.height+50,sv.width-4,100)
    button.border_width = 1
    button.border_color = 'blue'
    button.corner_radius = 5
    tv = ui.TextView()
    tv.delegate = MyTextViewDelegate
    tv.frame = (2,iv.height+200,sv.width-4,100)
    tv.border_width = 1             # only to show height automatically varying
    tv.border_color = 'blue'
    tv.corner_radius = 5
    tv.text = 'a\n'*40
    tv.delegate.textview_did_change(tv) # only to compute initial height

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    Just what me need, thank you for your help.
    You can't tell me how to make a TextView dynamically change its height so that the textview itself changes its height from the text written in it.

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    Hello, can you tell me how to make it possible to add imageview and textview to scrollview. textview should change dynamically from the text placed in it. You need to make sure that when scrolling, all the content(text and image) is scrolled, not just the text.

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