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    @mikael @ccc It's working wonders now, thank you! Just a dumb mistake as usual. Great link too!

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    @ccc Ahhh good catch! and Very helpful with your more Pythonic revision. I don't code too regularly so it helps a lot. Thanks!

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    So I'm trying to build a script with the Pillow module that will put a border around a selected image so all photos I upload will have the same minimum border width. However, contrarcy to the PIL documentation, I keep getting the error: "images do not match". It was my understanding that the only prerequisite to paste onto another image was the number of bands?

    Below is my code. You can see in my comments near the bottom that I've even compared two identically generated images. If I change either of the first two arguments, I receive the error.

    import Image as img
    from photos import pick_asset, get_image
    size = (1080, 1080)
    max = size[0]*.85
    og = pick_asset(multi=True)
    for pic in og:
        shortest = 1
        longest = 1
        pic = pic.get_image()
        pic_size = list(pic.size)
        # creating the background
        border = img.new('RGB', size, 'white')
        border2 = img.new('RGB', (400,400), 'white')
        # determing which side is longest
        if pic_size[0] > pic_size[1]:
            longest = pic_size[0]
            shortest = pic_size[1]
        if pic_size[0] < pic_size[1]:
            longest = pic_size[1]
            shortest = pic_size[0]
        # resizing as needed
        divisor = shortest/longest
        multiplier = longest/shortest
        x = round(pic_size[0]*divisor)
        y = round(pic_size[1]*divisor)
        x2 = round(pic_size[0]*multiplier)
        y2 = round(pic_size[1]*multiplier)
        if longest > max:
            # pic too big. scale pic down
            pic.resize((x, y))
        if longest < max:
            # pic too small. scale down bg
            border.resize((x2, y2))
        new_pic = pic.copy()
        #final_pic = border.paste(pic)
        #print(str(pic_size[0]) + ", " + str(pic_size[1]))
        #final_pic = border.paste(border2)


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    @7upser I actually didn’t know the space bar had a similar effect. It actually works pretty well, but only works on the default iOS keyboard. I was hoping to find a solution that worked on PyKeys (ideally in my navigation bar next so it’s one click and done)

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    @cvp I couldn’t seem to get this to work on the standard iOS keyboard or PyKeys and couldn’t find any related setting either

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    So I've been trying to figure out if it would be posible to define a function to navigate between lines. For those with big fingers using iOS, it can be frustrating to constantly have to hold just to navigate one exactly one line above/below where you tapped.

    Fortunately Pythonista includes functions to navigate left/right, but this is what makes me think this may simply be a feature request. However, I figured there must be some workaround I’m missing.

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    I was wondering if it would be possible to build a super simple game to be played on the thin one-row bar above the pythonista keyboard?

    My first guess was to try to feed my Scene to the add_subview method of my main ui.View class, but this method obviously requires another View, not a Scene. Is there a way to wrap a scene in a view for this purpose? I feel like using a SceneView instead might help, but I can't quite wrap my head around the implementation, as I'm very new to Python.

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