• ahp378

    Why is the documentation for the scene module so bad??? For example:

    1. The Scene.size attribute makes no mention of being able to call on Scene.size.w to get the width, even though that’s used in the tutorial.

    2. The run() function doesn’t say what it calls or what it does. It just says it “runs the given scene.” What does it mean to run a scene??? That’s not explained anywhere!

    3. There is absolutely NO mention of what the loop is!!! The infinite loop is completely invisible! My program should be quitting immediately but some ghost is keeping it running!

    And on and on... sorry but without significantly better documentation I’m not even gonna bother trying with this since nothing about it is even close to beginner friendly. It’s a total guessing game about what’s going on under the hood and what options you even have to work with in terms of manipulating scenes. Strongly recommend better documentation and a better tutorial.

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