• AI subroutine

    Thanks for the explanation, I was half expecting an answer along those lines.

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  • AI subroutine

    This might be a stupid question, but if objc_util allows you to use and create objective c objects then couldn't you create an inline assmebler method? If this doesnt work with objc_util what about pure ctypes? I know and understand little of the ctypes or objc_util modules and less about objective-C but I began wondering if this was possible. I can't remember what triggered the thought, but its been bugging me and I thought I should bring it up since it might be a security risk if true.

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  • AI subroutine

    Thanks for all the replies! Superview works great!

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  • AI subroutine

    Hello, im brand new to the forum and im looking for some help on the UI module that I couldn't find in the documentation. What I'm trying to do is build a very simple neural network that looks at a three by three grid of buttons that can be on or off then inputed to the net by pressing a "Enter Inputs" button. However this requires a "action" attached to the "Enter Inputs" that can find the current titles of all buttons on the grid (either 1 or 0), but I dont know how to access button attributes not of the "sender" especially since I can't load my .pyui file and its contents before defining the relevant functions. I've tried every iteration of the code possible moving things around even trying to access non existing subclasses but all i've got so far is this:

    import ui
    import neural_network
    def button tapped(sender):  # used by all my buttons but "Enter Inputs"
      if sender.title == '0':
        sender.title = '1'
      elif sender.title == '1':
        sender.title = '0'
    def Enter_inputs_tapped(sender):
      pass # dont know what too put that could access all button titles.
    v = ui.load_view('NetworkUI.pyui')

    I know the answer is probally stupid simple, but I could use help. Just so you know the UI also contains a label for my eventualy output after linking this to the neural network, but is not mentioned in the current code as that appears easy and I won't worry or code that until much later. I didnt include the UI json as its fairly big and I didnt want it taking up my post when I dont think its nesessary to include. Any help or suggestion would be awesome.

    Note: In case my wording or grammer was weird all I want to do is have a action attached to the button that takes the current values of the other nines buttons titles and send it to my neural network. In case you couldnt tell Im definitely an amateur.

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