• aiden

    Ok, thank you! I will test out BS4 and then update this thread. Thanks for the recommendation :)

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  • aiden

    Hello everybody! My name is Aiden, and I'm new to python, despite coding itself. I have been learning for only a couple days now, but with the mindset to learn all about web Scraping. Because of this, here is a small script I wrote the scrapes you ip from a website's (in the case disneyland's website) logs and then both prints and says it out to you.

    import urllib
    import speech
    getsrc = urllib.urlopen('https://disneyland.disney.go.com/calendars/day/')
    read = getsrc.read()
    rate = '1'
    speech.say('Your IP is '+read[1751:1766], rate)

    Thank you for reading through this whole thing, and please comment any suggestions!

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