• AlejandroDDD

    I was thinking and maybe for getting out of the subview and running the other one, idk, but I thing the custom view with the subviews act like an independent ui.view()
    Maybe use something like:


    Am I right? (I tried it didn’t work)

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  • AlejandroDDD

    @cvp your right, i was trying and it doesn’t call even the ‘view1’, but only happens now, I didn’t had that problem in the past function (the one of the example), so what am I doing wrong?
    Thanks to both of you by the way.

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  • AlejandroDDD

    Same thing happened, It popped the NoneType error.

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  • AlejandroDDD

    So, I’m trying to access a subview element located in a custom view made in a .pyui
    I saw another post where they suggested to use...

    a = sender.superview['view1']['subview']

    And it worked, I used it for assigning an image to the imageview and changing the alpha of the whole custom view when a button is tapped:

    def example(sender):
        def animation1():
            #Here I “call” the subview element in the custom view
            d = sender.superview['view1']['image']
            z = ui.Image.named('image01.PNG')
            d.image = z
            #Here I access only to the custom view
            view1 = sender.superview['view1']
            view1.alpha = 1
    ui.animate(animation1, duration=2)

    Later in the same script I want to acces a Label and a button in another custom view and then change the Text and title when the button is tapped. I used the same structure of the first example but it still doesn’t work:

    def example(sender):
        def animation1():
            d = sender.superview['view2']['bFac']
            d.title = 'Example Title'
            bla bla, more text

    When I run the program I get the error TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

    I don’t know if I’m making understand my self Xd, I’m new in Pythonista, hopping someone can answer me.

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