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    Hi all,

    I'm trying obtain the roots of a function that depends on a parameter. For example : The equation

       eos= math.log(1.-x)+x**2*(e22*y+ e11*(1-y) + 2*y*(1-y)*e12)

    I need to obtain the roots (x) such as eos = 0 for a specific value of y. In order words, I fix y, and I solve (using fsolve) eos. I'm trying to do :

    `def EOS(x,y) :
       e11=1.00 ; e22=0.40 ; e12=0.60
       return math.log(1.-x)+x**2*(e22*y+ e11*(1-y) + 2*x2*(1-y)*e12)
    for i in arange(1,99,1) :
       ans[i]=fsolve(lambda x: EOS(x,y),x0)

    But I have a wrong answer. Someone know how use the fsolve (or other alternative way) with y as parameter (not a variable) ? Someone could help me ?

    Many thanks for the help



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