• AlexKudrenko

    Thanks for the comment, ccc.
    I will take a look at ui scene module as well.

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  • AlexKudrenko

    Hi. I'm trying to write a script to resize the image to 1200 pixels wide.
    Everything seems to be working fine apart from the fact that all portrait-oriented photos are rotated 90° degrees.

    The images are displayed correctly (in portrait orientation) in my camera roll.

    alt text

    But when I'm running the script they are rotated 90° degrees to landscape mode.

    alt text

    What am I doing wrong here?

    Here is the script I'm using.

    from PIL import Image
    import photos
    import console
    image = photos.pick_image()
    def customSize(image):
        w, h = image.size
        print 'Original image size: '+str(w)+' × '+str(h)+' pixels'+'\n'
        if w > 1200:
            wsize = 1200/float(w)
            hsize = int(float(h)*float(wsize))
            image = image.resize((1200, hsize), Image.ANTIALIAS)
            print 'Modified image size: 1200 × '+str(hsize)+' pixels'
            print 'Image is too small to be resampled. Width is less than 1200 pixels'
        return image
    image = customSize(image)
    saveit = photos.save_image(image)
    print 'Done!'

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  • AlexKudrenko

    Thanks, omz. <code>original=False</code> helped. The only downside is that the image is already scaled to less than 1200 pixels (as you've said).

    It still will work for me though.
    I will take a look metadata option when have a little bit more free time :)

    Thanks again.

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  • AlexKudrenko

    Hi, I'm trying to create a workflow that will append a clipboard (generated in Drafts 4) to the existing file and then return back to Drafts.

    Right now it looks like that.


    Editorial command Append just appends a clipboard.

    I've got everything working apart from return back to Drafts part. The clipboard gets appended to the file but nothing happens after that.

    What am I missing?

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  • AlexKudrenko

    Yes!!! That's the reason. Thanks omz.

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