• alicemanchester

    I installed Editorial for the first time and received the following message within the Editorial app when synchronising with my Dropbox

    Sync Error
    An error occurred while downloading /
    txt/Hello Calum I love you.txt: This file
    is no longer available due to a
    takedown request under the Digital
    Millennium Copyright Act by Open
    Road. (461).

    This is a personal file. It has no content except for a "."

    The file exists in my Dropbox account and on my Mac. I don't really see why this would be a Dropbox issue. Is it a bug in Editorial?

    The message was repeated again today.

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  • alicemanchester


    So it's a Dropbox thing. I don't understand it as my files aren't available to anyone else, I mean I haven't shared the link (and I have a load of music stored anyway). Thanks anyway.

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