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    I am trying to append " to every line so that I can complete this csv file.

    AF+BG theorem","algebraic geometry
    ATS theorem","number theory
    Abel's binomial theorem","combinatorics
    Abel's curve theorem","mathematical analysis
    Abel's theorem","mathematical analysis
    Abelian and tauberian theorems","mathematical analysis
    Abel–Jacobi theorem","algebraic geometry
    Abel–Ruffini theorem","theory of equations"," Galois theory
    Abhyankar–Moh theorem","algebraic geometry
    Abouabdillah's theorem","geometry","number theory
    Absolute convergence theorem","mathematical series

    So far I have done the following:

    Move caret to front of line
    Replace selected with "
    Move caret to end of line

    It sounds like I'll need to use repeat
    But how do I get to a new line.

    Could you provide me a solution and explain it to me pls


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