• artissimo

    Yes exactly. Thanks for your reply; I’d forgotten about this post. Over the past months, i’d been using Editorial less and less - a shame because it’s powerful and elegant, but the sync issue is a dealbreaker especially for the purpose I have, which is rapid-fire additions to my ToDo.taskpaper.

    The issue looks to be Dropbox-centric, in that refreshes are not taking place until Editorial launches.
    My forward options are 2-fold:

    1. Move to Taskmator- which I find not-as-good, but it uses iCloud sync - which DOES allow b/ground syncing. Am testing this option out now in fact.

    2. Use a different app for my rapid-fire appends — for example, Reminders or Notes - and manually (or using scripts) copy those new items into my ToDo.taskpaper.

    In the meantime, suggestions are welcome!

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  • artissimo

    Anyone else experiencing this?
    When I open a Dropbox-resident file to edit, Editorial goes through an invisible process of syncing with the Dropbox repo. Consequently, IF I begin to type before the "dropbox synced" screen message (which is all to brief, unfortunately!!) I end up generating a conflicted sync doc.

    Sadly, the more I use Editorial to access my (Taskpaper) Dropbox files, the higher the occurrence of these annoying conflict docs which I then have to manually weed through for individual additions, and then delete.

    Any experiences/solutions to share? Thanks!

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