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    @omz Thank you so much for your reply, that clarifies everything!

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    Thank you for your reply, which however seems to apply only to TextView's and not to TextField's: if I use in the working example you provide a TextField I still get the error message I pointed out in my second bullet (and, indeed, the working example uses the second technique I tried).

    So the question remains: how can I access the attributedText of a UITextField?

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    I need to use some features of the UITextField that are not included in the ui.TextField: specifically, I want to use a text with attributes (attributedText) and set the inputView of an object created with field = objc_util.ObjCInstance(ui.TextField()).

    I tried in several ways, but I do not seem able to access the attributedText (or inputView) properties directly. I tried three different techniques:

    • A direct access to the field.attributedText produces no result. I naively thought that there is a mapping between Python and Objective C properties, but this does not seem to be the case.

    • I tried then field.setAttributedText_(...), but in this case objc_util complains with an error.

    • Finally, if I try the more involved setValue_forKey_ method, that crashes Pythonista.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    N.B. I managed to create an object with ObjCClass('UITextField') and then add it to a view with ObjCInstance(view).addSubview_, but I presume there must be a way that uses all the nice infrastructure of a ui.TextField without duplicating the work done already in the ui module.

    import ui
    from objc_util import *
    def test():
      field = ui.TextField()    
      fieldc = ObjCInstance(field)
      red = UIColor.redColor()
      mystring = ObjCClass('NSMutableAttributedString').alloc()
      mystring.initWithString_('quick test')
      mystring.setAttributes_range_({'NSColor': red}, NSRange(1,2))
      # The following line produces no result
      fieldc.attributedText = mystring
      # Pythonista complains that setAttributedText: does not exist
      # The following line makes Pythonista crash
      fieldc.setValue_forKey_(mystring, 'attributedText')
      field.borderStyle = 3 
      view = ui.View()

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