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    Hi! I see that under "Script Library" in the menu, you can easily access files stored on the current device ("This iPhone/iPad") and iCloud. There doesn't seem to be a way to add a folder from another cloud storage provider, say Dropbox or Box, and sync files within that folder.

    The best I could do is to first create a python file in Dropbox, then open it as an external file in Pythonista.

    My use cases are

    1. I wish to work with existing scripts on a desktop (say Ubuntu), but I only have them available strictly on iCloud.
    2. I would like to work on a new script on Pythonista, and I'd like to be able to access and edit it later on a desktop via the Dropbox/Box and not iCloud.

    I checked the upcoming features for Pythonista 3.3, but syncing or file management with external cloud storage providers don't seem to be in the roadmap. Hope you can consider this as a feature request, thanks!

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