• Aurelius

    I'm very impressed with the functionality of Pythonista, but one feature I would really like is the ability to ssh to a server and run a script, only not a script on the server, instead one on the iDevice. The problem is: it seems to achieve what I'd like to do (and I'm sure opens up a lot of possibilities for what others want to do too) is prevented by lack of tty emulation. I've seen other discussions regarding screen, though no immediate solutions pop up. I understand tty is not included in pythonista, per the pexpect Module thread. What is preventing this?

    I just want to get the ball rolling on a discussion of what I think is an important feature for pythonista to have: the ability to go beyond the current ssh with args to run a script and disconnect when the command is issued...

    Being able to ssh, run screen, and answer console prompts from a running program seem necessary to make Pythonista capable of some pretty neat tricks. Building out a UI on top of the iDevice running script seems relatively trivial with Hydrogen (e.g. buttonX press sets string to 'cd folder/folder2/' & sends, buttonY press sets sting to 'sudo java -jar com.example.program.jar & sends)

    What are everybody's thoughts?

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