• Oh, nvm I was trying to click outside the app...

  • So, are you trying to input 3 points (not all colinear) and find the circle (radius and x,y). Then want to determine if a fourth point is on the edge of the circle?

    A simple method is to just subtract the center, then compute the length, then compare to the circle radius. But, as you found, you want to use abs(point_to_center_dist-circle_radius)< threshold, where you'll have to decide what is an acceptable threshold.

  • You almost never need to use dict.keys().

    dct = {"12345": 6, "01928": 7} lst = [1, 2, 3, 12, 34, 234] print("\n".join(key for key in dct if all(str(i) in key for i in lst)))
  • @AZOM read the last few lines again:

    Once you have your view, simply call

    (Since you don't actually use the touch itself, you don't need to simulate a ui.Touch)

  • My fault - wrong installation procedure.

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