• When I first got my Apple Smart Keyboard, I was very critical of it, simply because of the angle. Now I will eat my words. I love it. The keys are not always as tactile as you would like, but given the form factor, the smart connector, acting as a case, I can over look that. I have found I have just learned to hit the keys a little harder. Only 2 gripes I have with it is no ESC key and the fact I cant use it portrait mode. The portrait mode thing is understandable, but its amazing how many Apps are still iPhone only apps that I want to use. But if Apple pulled off some magic and released a new Smart Keyboard that could handle both orientations, I would be first in line to buy it :) I should mention I also like the foot print and the profile of the keyboard. An external keyboard would offer new challenges I think, especially given you still have to heavily interact with the touch screen. Just my 2 cents worth

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    I looked for a "Sound effects" toggle in settings, but couldn't find it.

  • Yes it does.

  • @JonB it's here

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